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You need a solid creative on your side.

A natural wordsmith with a visual mind. A pixel mangler who can make sure you sound as good as you look. Someone who can keep you on brand and feelin’ fine.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve done everything from writing for big accounts at the agency level to managing all communications for a small non-profit; designing extensive publications to handling all of the design elements of five and six figure courses. Together we’ll propel your brand forward and make sure you’re looking good, sounding good–and saving some precious time in the process.

My clients tend to be…

Female-powered brands

No offense fellas! All of the brands I’ve worked with have some fantastic ladies at the helm. I would never turn down projects that are a great fit that just happen to have a guy in the lead, but just be warned–I don’t hide the pink.

Small businesses & solopreneurs

I grew up in a small biz, making them a natural fit.


Nothing makes me happy like getting to work with people fueled by a mission for good.

In the Indianapolis area?

I adore my virtual clients, but nothing replaces getting to hang out and chat about the latest project in person! My longest client relationships are those I’ve formed outside the computer screen. I’d love to add you to the mix.


An on-call creative manage my communications.

Marketing collateral pieces to propel my brand forward.

Branding help, from visual identity to copywriting.

Branding and design for my next course launch.